We are a movement in a fight for a better future

Technology was invented to be an extension of ourselves. It is a tool that enables us to achieve what was once before labeled as impossible. However, there are two sides to technology. On the one hand, technology empowers us to achieve great things while liberating us at the same time. On the other hand, technology is used to automate oppression, silence the marginalized, and trample our basic human rights. Both sides of technology are at war with one another.

Fight For The Future is a group of artists, engineers, activists, and technologists who are the backbone of some of the largest online protests in human history. They are at war to defend technology that liberates and empowers people while also providing a platform for free expression. By channeling Internet outrage, Fight For The Future can win public interest victories previously thought to be impossible.

At CORE MultiChain, we aim to give people their rights back. We are more than just a blockchain project. We are a movement in a fight for a better future. And, together with the Fight For The Future team, we grow stronger in our efforts to create a better world for our community.

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