Be a Driving Force In the CORE MultiChain Movement

At CORE MultiChain, we are on a mission to create the best and most performant blockchain. We will achieve this through our AI-enabled blockchain ecosystem built around privacy. To make the impact in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space that we’d like to, we need our community’s help.

Do you want to play an active role in our community and contribute towards its growth? Well, now you can! You can now apply to become a CORE MultiChain Ambassador and help grow our community! That’s not all; you can also earn rewards by completing once-off tasks that will help our ecosystem expand! We welcome anyone to join, from crypto enthusiasts to crypto gurus. Share your passion for blockchain technology and gain hands-on industry experience by promoting CORE MultiChain in your country.

There are multiple ways that you can be a CORE MultiChain Ambassador. This can include hosting regular meetups in your area, amplifying all of the exciting announcements from the management team, or even using any influence you have in business and social circles to attract more people to the CORE Ecosystem. Find out if you are eligible to become an Ambassador and apply today on our website!

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